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Business Boosters for Tally



AutoBackup on Open or Shut of Tally (₹2,000.00)

Do you lose all your accounting-related data due to different reasons, which are affecting your business? No need to worry, as we have a solution which is Auto Backup your data in Tally.

Auto Receipt from Sales Voucher (₹2,000.00)

Tired of created Vouchers and Receipts for different same customers one by one, Try our new Tally customization which can be used to create Vouchers and Receipts in a one-shot for different customers.

E-mail After Saving Voucher (₹2,000.00)

This Add-on facilitates the user to email Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Receipt Voucher and Payment Voucher, automatically. INTRODUCTION Important As a best practice, it is advisable to take a back-up of your company data before installing the Add-on

(Inward /Outward) Courier Register (₹2,000.00)

This Module enables you to have Courier registers in Tally Prime. It enables you both inward and outward courier register to track information over courier details

GST Locker (₹2,000.00)

In GST Lock TDL, you can disallow your assistant or tally users to pass back dated entry or alter any back dated transactions related to GST Returns after filing GST Returns.

Salesman Module (₹6,000.00)

Salesman add-on facilitates the user to track Salesman wise various Reports. This module enable user to maintain Sales man wise Sales Report, Outstanding Bill-wise Report and Bill-Party wise Report. This module also enables user to calculate commission on amount or percentage basis. User can filter all the reports salesman-wise.

Stop Transaction on Duplicate Bill Reference (₹2,000.00)

This Add-on facilitates the user to email Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Receipt Voucher and Payment Voucher, automatically

QR Code in Tally Invoice (₹3,000.00)

Using this TDL, QR Code can be generated from tally sales invoices and any other vouchers, in pre-defined format on the face of the invoice formats.
In tally, there is no facility to generated QR code in sales invoices or any other voucher documents, which can be used for further automated purposes by other party.

GST Validation *API Based (Includes 1000 API) (₹3,000.00)

Willing to get your customer data @ one go in Tally. Please find the Tally Customization for the same. 

Digital signature all tally Voucher with auto email (₹4,000.00)

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a means of electronically signing documents to verify the authenticity of the person signing. With this Add-On you can make GST Compliant Digitally Signed Invoices from Tally

Voucher Security (₹4,000.00)

Voucher Type Security will help the business owner specify both individual Voucher Type (Contra, Payment, etc.) restriction and activity level (Sales Department, Procurement Department etc) restriction for different users.

Time Scheduled Auto Bulk Email Outstanding & Ledger Statement  (₹4,000.00)

Are you struggling with maintaining and collecting outstanding from your Customers? Now no need to worry. With this Customized feature in Tally, you can send outstanding and ledger statements to your Customers by Timely Schedule Auto Bulk Email.

Tally to WhatsApp (Advanced) (₹6,000.00)

With this Add on you can send Whatsapp from tally automatically the moment an entry is made in Tally. Enteris which are altered also can be sent to Client either in the form of text or Pdf

Seal & Sign in Tally Vouchers (₹3,000.00)

Automatically signs and seal of your compnay will be provided in all your Tally vouchers

Advanced Excel Import (All vouchers) (₹25,000.00)

Tool which can be used to reduce manual entry in Tally 

Barcode (General) (₹15,000.00)

This Module Auto generates barcode lables to easy your work while creating invoice

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