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paperless Individual

Class-3 DSC

paperless Individual

Choose Brand, Validity, & Token
After payment, complete e-KYC
Upload PAN & Photo
Record Video for 25 seconds
Download Digital Signature

Digital Signature (for paperless Individual)

  • We sell eMudhra and Capricorn Digital Signature (Class-3). Both are licensed Certifying Authorities.
  • They are top leading brands in India and well known across business communities and government uses.
  • Applicant fill online application form (above)
  • Make online payment to buy Class-3 DSC
  • Receive automatic E-Mail with URL to upload Aadhaar or PAN Card
  • Complete KYC by uploading Aadhaar XML or PAN Card(Call customer care if you need help)
  • Receive SMS OTP to complete mobile verification
  • Record 25 seconds of video using mobile phone or laptop
  • Issuance of DSC is subject to approval by Certifying Authority (Capricorn / eMudhra)
  • Safely download and store the digital signature on USB eToken (Call customer care if you need help)
  • During the validity period, use DSC to sign digital documents any number of times.
  • Once expired, the Digital Signature cannot be used to sign any more documents.
  • For renewal, the applicant must buy another new Digital Signature again.
  • Applicant has option to buy Digital Signature Only, or also include encryption combo in additional to Signature.
  • If encryption is not required, applicant may choose to buy just the Signature Only.
  • To submit high value tenders on government portals, DSC may be required with encryption combo.
  • The add-on price for encryption is ₹ 600 for all years of validity.

Class-3 DSC for Individuals can be used for eTenders, Patents registration, GST, Income Tax, Import Export Code, Signing Invoices, portals of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), PDF Signing, trademark registration, and a lot other Indian government portals that accept Digital Signature.

  • GST & Income Tax eFiling
  • MCA21 - Ministry of Corporate Affairs
    • Upload of eForms
    • Make Payments
    • Annual e-Filing
  • Government Tenders
  • Patents Filing
  • DIN - Director Identification Number
  • IEC - Import Export Code
  • Invoice Signing (Tally, or other accounting software)
  • Director eKYC
  • PDF Signing
  • Trademarks Registration
  • and many more...
  • Our buyers enjoy lowest price for eMudhra Class 3 digital signature with free premium support.
  • GSTIN can be added to invoice before DSC Approval. Provide GST details before video verification to claim GST Input
  • Applicant need a USB crypto token/dongle to download and store the Digital Signature.
  • Choose if you want to buy new token/dongle or use existing crypto token/dongle.
  • We sell ePass2003 token/dongle. It can used to store 2 Digital Signature Certificates.
  • Our price for ePass2003 token/dongle is ₹ 450 before GST.
  • Applicant who paid for ePass2003 will receive the token/dongle by free courier shipping.
  • The token/dongle will be dispatched by courier on the first business day of payment.
  • Applicant who paid for USB Token will receive the same by free shipping
  • USB token will be sent by courier on the first business day of payment.

Class-3 DSC is widely accepted in India for multiple purposes. It can be used for GST, Income Tax, Import Export Code, Signing Invoices, portals of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), PDF Signing, and eTender portals.

Individual Vendor / Contractor may use Class-3 DSC for logging into tender portal and submit bids. It can be used for registering patents / trademarks as well.

Price Details

Class-3 DSC ₹1,500.00
18% GST₹270.00
Total Price₹1,770.00

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