"Secure your digital lifestyle with WardWiz Essential Plus"


PCs and Smartphones are empowering people to make the most of their capabilities in today’s knowledge economy. But the power of PCs/Smartphones is itself compromised due to a whole host of emerging IT threats.</br>
Wardwiz understands that it takes much more than just Anti-Virus to maintain PCs and systems healthy and to keep them safe from unauthorized access.</br>
So it does just that- it offers a whole host of features like Heuristic Scan, File Encryption and System Tune-up Tools along with an Anti Virus to ensure that PCs and Smartphones stay healthy and run their best. And with this, it facilitates the users in their efforts to leverage their potential in digital environment.


  • Complete Next-Generation Protection
  • Network Threat Blockage: Proactive Protection for cyber-attacks before they start
  • Cyber Security for Kids
  • Powerful protection from spam and phishing attacks
  • Light on System Requirements
  • Parental Control
  • Firewall
  • Email Protection
  • Auto Live Update
  • Offline Registration
  • Offline Updates & Patches

For the Essential version, Please use the links below-

  • Auto Live Update

  • Offline Registration

  • Offline Updates & Patches

  • Secures you against online threats

  • A Firewall Manager to optimize your settings

  • Secures your surfing and shopping

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